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I have a Canon 1Ds for sale.

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I am having a show at the Harvest Gallery in Wolfville, N.S.

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New permanent gallery



New permanent gallery



More of my work can be found at where I regularly post new work.

All images 1995-2009 Ernest Cadegan



It is a rare day that I do not click the shutter and make at least one image. My habit is to carry my camera almost everywhere I go and photograph things that catch my eye along the way. Whether walking the streets of Wolfville or strolling in Santa Fe, my camera is never far from my hands.

The camera is a tool I use to keep myself in touch with the world around me and to enrich my passage through it. Through the literal and sometimes impressionistic images I create, I share what I find with interested viewers.

My work has been described as orderly, elegant, bold and graphical.

I hope you enjoy the images I have collected here. I intend to keep adding to this collection so check back periodically to find what I have discovered. If you like what you have found here please drop me a line, and pass on my web site address to others who you think might also appreciate my work.

Tribute to my Aunt Hazel (Winters)


My work is now available through the following galleries, gift shops and stock photography agencies:


                                Harvest Gallery (Wolfville, NS)

                            Art Sales and Rental Gallery (Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS)

                           Steven Kennard Gallery (Canning, NS)

                            Arts on Atlantic Gallery (Calgary, AB)

                            Westlands Art Gallery (Calgary, AB)

                            Flight of Fancy Gallery (Bear River, NS)

                Gift Shops:              

             Domaine de Grand Pre gift shop (Grand Pre, N.S.) 

                                       Frame Express (Halifax, N.S.)

                                        Handsmiths (Halifax, N.S.)

                            Bluefin Pottery and Hand Creations (Digby, NS)

                            The Teazer (Mahone Bay, NS

                            Basic Spirit (Pugwash,NS)

                            Leslie McLachlin at Annapolis Market (Annapolis Royal, NS)

                            Down Home Living (Lunenburg, NS)

                            Botinicals Studio and Gift Shop (Fredericton, NB)

                            Stanley Bridge Studios (Stanley Bridge, PEI)

                            Handworks Gallery of American Crafts (Acton, MA)

                            Artists' Market (Norwalk, CT)                            

                Stock Photography: 

                             Archangel Images (United Kingdom)

                On-going show

                I have an ongoing show at Le Caveau Restaurant at Domain de Grand Pre in Grand Pre Nova Scotia. I rotate 13 prints through the restaurant 2-3 times per year.


I also attend the Wolfville Farmers' Market weekly May to end of December and the third Saturday of the month January through April. Leslie McLaughlin carries a large selection of my work at the Annapolis Royal Market mid-May to mid-October.

I am a juried member of the Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council And a member of Visual Arts Nova Scotia.





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